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What to ExpectIf you've never received a therapeutic massage before, you may be wondering what it's all about. I will ask about your health history, medications, conditions, and the reason you are seeking treatment. I may do a postural assessment, orthopedic testing, and palpating (touching) the affected areas of your body. All these things are done with you fully clothed. The purpose is to formulate a safe, effective treatment. I give recommendations for an appropriate treatment plan. If you agree, we can begin. I leave the room to wash my hands, while you disrobe to your comfort level.

Skin-on-skin contact for the areas being treated, is ideal. However, some people receive the entire massage fully or partly clothed, seated in a chair or wheelchair; while others may receive all or part of their treatment on the massage table, covered with a blanket and sheets. Only the area being worked on is open to the air. Everything else is covered with the sheets. Whether it's in a chair or on the massage table is up to you, plus the therapist's knowledge of conditions and safe practices. I talk to you about the pressure of my hands on your skin (too much, or not enough), and of course, if you want me to change the plan, avoid certain areas, stop, or modify ~~ it is totally up to you.

So, what about hygiene? I wash my hands before and after each treatment. The linens are freshly washed and changed with each patient, and the table is cleaned with disinfectant.

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