What is Massage?

What is Massage?Massage therapy is the practice of manipulating soft tissues and joints in the body, to increase and enhance the body's own healing process.

Darlene Ricker's training enables her to perform manual manipulations complemented by remedial exercise and hydrotherapy, enabling physiological and psychological health and well-being.

Pressure through one's hands and forearms, together with stretching and strengthening techniques and hydrotherapy, promote the restoration of health and well-being, and improve physical function. Massage can help solve many of the body's disorders, syndromes and dysfunctions. It can correct imbalances and promote homeostasis. Massage can decrease stress and anxiety, facilitate better sleep, address circulation problems, depression, emotional problems, as well as muscle and joint discomfort. It has a calming effect, and may decrease blood pressure. Massage therapy can help the recovery from injuries and surgery, and those living with chronic conditions and old injuries.

Massage therapy does not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, and is not a substitute for medical advice. Massage therapy does not include spinal manipulations.

Therapeutic massage can benefit men and women, pregnant women, children, and the elderly, by providing relief from a wide variety of conditions.

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