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My ApproachI consider myself a results-based therapist. We know the effects of massage are both physiological and psychological in nature, and that the effects are interactive. Before beginning the massage, I do an assessment and together with the patient come to an understanding about therapeutic goals. Included in a treatment is appropriate homecare; and if the patient is interested, remedial exercises to extend the benefits of the massage.

I like to incorporate various techniques if appropriate, such as myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, joint mobilizations, Thai techniques, and some of the lymph drainage special techniques.

After a treatment, it is important for the individual to pay attention to their body and the subtle changes that massage initiates over time. The full effects of a massage may become apparent after a couple of days.

I often work in collaboration with Physiotherapist Karl Achenbach at the Clinic, especially with patients recovering from serious injuries. We find the combination of therapeutic massage and physiotherapy provides quick and effective healing and recovery. Cancer patients receiving manual lymph drainage treatments know that I work as part of their team of healthcare providers.

My values and vision are firmly planted in the knowledge that everything is connected; nothing lasts forever; and that I am not alone. We are all in the same boat, and that's what allows me to feel compassion and to reach out to others. I try not to take myself too seriously, to learn from my mistakes, and to cultivate patience. It gives me a sense of humility and respect for others. I have come to know the depth of human kindness and compassion; and the simplicity of achieving greater happiness, health and wellness without the many distractions of modern living. I believe the profession of massage therapist is enabling me to grow and know myself on a deeper level, and to be more fully human by helping others without regard for personal gain.

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