Jade Stone Massage

Jade Stone MassageA hot jade stone massage can be a wonderful experience for the body and mind. It is said that one stroke of jade stone is equal to seven hand strokes, due to the deep penetrating heat. It is not only relaxing, but it also has many healing properties:

  • Opens pores and prepares the skin to better absorb massage oils
  • Increases circulation and overall health
  • Helps clear out toxins
  • Assists in healing an injured or strained area
  • Reduction of tension

Traditionally, jade has been used in many cultures as a stone to attract wealth and love. It is also believed to heal stressed organs, discharge toxins, slow the process of aging and strengthen the body's natural immune system. Ask Darlene about incorporating jade stones into your next massage. Jade stone therapy is covered by extended health care insurance, as part of a therapeutic massage.

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